Council of Dato’-Dato’ Negeri Kedah Logo

The council of Dato’-Dato’ Negeri Kedah was founded on 4th November 1996.

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Objectives and Principles

  • Provide support and encouragement in any objective that provides the effectiveness and excellence of the position of His Majesty the Sultan of Kedah and the Kedah State Government.
  • To strengthen the relationship among the members who have been awarded the Kedah State Honorary entitled Dato’.
  • Keeping the glory of the Kedah State Honorary title which was awarded to members.
  • Acting as a representative body of the members.
  • Encourage members to provide any services, experience, knowledge and effort for the good of the community and the society.
  • Collaborate with any Society / Association of Datuk-Datuk throughout Malaysia to review and exchange ideas for the benefit of members, the Kedah State and the country.
  • Safeguard the interests and welfare of the members.
  • Printing and publishing various magazines, pamphlets and books containing information, descriptions and statements to be distributed to members.
  • Have property including land and buildings and shall be placed under the authority of three trustees.
  • Hold a special fund or foundation for education and general welfare.

Clause 3 : Motto

Berkhidmat, Berbudi Mulia